Why Support The Leukaemia Project?
The Leukaemia Project focuses on what is often referred to as “complex karyotype” leukaemia, which means that the chromosomes are very abnormal. Highly abnormal chromosomes go hand-in-hand with the most severe cases, so it makes sense to look for patterns in the chromosome abnormalities to find the causes and ultimately cures for these patients.

Gene structure is one of the keys to understanding cancer. The advanced technologies now available make this easier every year, and it’s the focus of most cancer research nowadays.

But chromosome structure is usually overlooked, meaning that a lot of potentially important information is missed. The research team’s publications highlight the importance of studying the abnormal chromosomes in leukaemia cells. This is one of the few projects worldwide that is looking for answers in the organisation of leukaemia chromosomes.

You can learn more about our research on our Understanding Leukaemia webpage on the St Vincent’s Hospital website.

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